Couples Counseling

Private couples counseling is an option for those of you feeling that things in your relationship just need tweaking or that there are some serious issues to work through together. Get your passion back for each other and  have deeper connection, communication and joy in your relationship. 

Sessions can be from 3-12 months, depending on the situation.  Sessions are in person at the office or online.

Karla’s magical guidance helps couples have amazing communication AND passionate sex. Her mission is to heal people into alignment with divine consciousness impacting all of their lives, particularly in their relationships to themselves, to others, to the environment and to Source.

Individual Counseling

If you don’t have a partner or one who is willing to do the work with you, but you still want to show up differently in your relationships…with individual sessions you get to transform yourself into being all you want to be. 
Sessions are in person at the office or online

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