Re-Kindle the Fire


Remember When...

  • Remember when you felt so excited and alive with the prospect of this person you were deciding to spend your life with? 
  • Everything felt so right, so true, so exciting about what the future could be together.  
  • But what if it doesn't feel that way anymore....What happened and how do you get that Relationship Fire back?


Life Happened and Your Relationship Can Feel More Alive Again

  • What happened is LIFE.  Work.  Kids.  Family.  Friends.  All the "have to's", the "should's", "running on automatic" that shows up because life just has to get done. 
  • In the meantime, your relationship with the person you were so in love with has gone stale and is put in the running on automatic pile.  
  • You know you still love each other, you make a great team, other people want what you have AND still you wish there was more connection, deeper communication, passionate intimacy and joy.  
  • Welcome to the the relationship dole drums.  
  • Guess what?  You do not need to stay here!  There is a way to have the communication, connection, and joy with your partner again!


Welcome back to the Fire

Re-Kindle the fire is a on-line program:

  • where you get to re-discover yourself and how you each show up as a couple.  
  • Where you get allow your relationship the space and tools to have those intimate, passional conversations again.  
  • Where you feel completely supported and the fights get resolved with understanding and compassion.
  • Where you find joy in your lives together, celebrating who you have become since your first "I do".  
  • Where you get to take your relationship to a higher level of consciousness
  • Where the sparkle between you is back and you feel you can grow together even deeper, stronger, and happier than ever.  

What's Involved to Re-Kindle the Fire?


Let's connect and see if you are ready to Re-Kindle the Fire

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Re-Kindle The Fire Program

C$ 497.00
Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

If you know right now this is what you want, pay for your first month now to reserve your spot!  ($497 due monthly X 3) 

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